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These videos show just how easy Rocket Whipped Cream Dispensers are to use and sanitize.  Presented in full color with vocal demonstration to walk you through each step of the process; designed to answer as many questions as possible, we are certain you will find the videos enjoyable as well as informative.

If you have a comment on our videos or possible ideas for future videos just drop us an email at video@whipcream.com.

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Charging & Dispensing Whipped Cream Infusion Cleaning your Rocket
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Before you can begin to dispense whipped cream, you
first must charge the whipped cream dispenser. It takes only
a few seconds and you will be on your way to serving your
customers the highest quality whipped cream available, while saving yourself
hundreds if not thousands of dollars a year.

Looking to enhance your adult dessert and drink menu?   Whipped Cream Infusion is just what you have been
waiting for. This newly patented concept available from
Gruenewald Manufacturing actually makes you money as
you offer your customers quality adult dessert/drink
with a twist of whipped cream. Works great
with your coffee flavored drinks as well!
Cleaning and sanitizing your whipped cream
dispensers could not be anymore efficient. This process is almost identical to charging and dispensing, which can
be accomplished in only a matter of minutes.

Experience the Difference of Real Whipped Cream

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