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changing the way people think about whipped cream

Whipped Cream infusion takes your alcohol and non alcohol drinks and infuses them with gourmet whipped cream that can be flavored and colored!

Add unique new dessert drinks for all ages to your menu. Create drinks at roughly 50% of your normal cost per serving! Works great with your iced coffee and flavored puree drinks. Imagine a frozen mudslide mixed with Baileys then infused with a white chocolate flavored whipped cream!

From cafes to ice cream parlors to restaurants and bars, whipped cream infused drinks are going to change the way people think about whipped cream.

Call us today to find out how you can get started with Whipped Cream Infusion!

Please take a moment to view our Infusion video to find out more.

Whipped Cream Infusion
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  works great with your coffee flavored drinks !



Experience the Difference of Real Whipped Cream

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