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Looking to cut down on whipped cream costs while improving quality...?

Sound impossible? Well it is not with the Rocket. Our patented technology offers an industry leading yield of up to 6 to 1 which means the Rocket will output more whipped cream per quart cream input than any other method guaranteed.

Changing the way you think about whipped cream!
We are now PARTNERS with
As WasteWise partners, we at Gruenewald Manufacturing Company commit to educate the public, and encourage our favorite ice cream shops and our favorite cafés to implement the use of Self-Recycling whipped cream equipment.
Those of you who are currently using aerosol cans or disposable chargers should know that by switching to the Rocket™ or Refillo-Whip™ system you can spare our landfills billions of pounds of trash each year. In addition to helping save our environment, you will also save yourself 50-75% as compared to the cost of the method you are currently using. With our systems you can produce your own fresh whipped cream with no added industrial Trans Fats. Our systems are simple to use, and they save time, money, and the environment.
You can do your part; help take care of our mother earth.

Click here to find out more about your potential savings!

Click here to find out more about your potential savings!

The Rocket does all this while improving the quality of your whipped cream from a simple after thought to a gourmet whipped cream experience. The Rocket is so flexible you can even create colored and flavored whipped cream by simple adding food extracts to your base cream mix. Perfect for adding seasonal charm to your desserts as you top off your Valentine's Day or St. Patrick's Day desserts with red or green whipped cream flavored with strawberry or Pistachio extract.

Looking to expand your adult drink menu...?

Looking to enhance your adult dessert and drink menu? Whipped Cream Infusion is just what you have been waiting for. This patented concept available only from Gruenewald Manufacturing actually makes you money as you offer your customers quality adult dessert/drinks with a twist..a twist of whipped cream. Works great with your coffee flavored drinks as well!

Please take a moment to view our Infusion video to find out more.

Whipped Cream Infusion
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Rocket 1000C Rocket 2000C Rocket 5000C
1 Quart Cream Input Yields up to 6 Quarts Whipped Cream 2 Quarts Cream Input Yields up to 12 Quarts Whipped Cream 5 Quarts Cream Input Yields up to 30 Quarts Whipped Cream
currently using 1 case per week of aerosol cans or equivalent currently using 1-3 cases per week of aerosol cans or equivalent currently using 3 or more cases per week of aerosol cans or equivalent
Features and Benefits

Make Fresh Whipped Cream
Also Work with Non-Dairy Toppings
All Stainless Steel Construction
Industry Leading 6:1 Yield
Simple to Operate
Environmentally Friendly
Completely Portable

Experience the Difference of Real Whipped Cream

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